Things Not to Do in Sevilla

Monday, September 9, 2019
By Martin Myall

AND Guardia Punched by WomanA woman was arrested for punching a Guardia Civil policeman in the face in Castilleja de la Cuesta (Sevilla). Is nothing sacred?

The hapless policeman had gone over to a pub where a brawl had broken out last Sunday. He was to be the back up for the Policía Local, who, as you know, are well hard when it comes to giving out fines but scarce on the ground when there is violence to sort out.

So, in walks the Guarda Civil policeman and tells two women who were having a barney to quieten it down.

Now, many consider Sevilla to be a cuddly place with stacks of Ole Fandango, rides in horse-drawn carriages and bonhomie by the bucket load, but the Sevillanos are like the electricity company that goes by the same name… a bit sparky.

So no sooner had the Green Meanie said, “wind it down and bugger off  home,” than one of the women, strode up and pushed one of the cringing Policía Local in the chest. Not a good start, thought the Guardia Civil officer.

He was just about to make a suitably authoritative statement when the other woman punched him right in his laughing tackle.

Now, ever since Franco bit the dust, you do have a little bit of lee-way with the Green Meanies but, and we must stress this, planting one right on a Green Meanie’s kisser is not recommended nor conducive to spending the night in your own bed.

Therefore, it will come as no surprise that the woman, as stated at the beginning, was promptly arrested and charged with assaulting a police office in the course of his duty.


(News: Castilleja de la Cuesta, Sevilla Andalucia)

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