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Things Not to Do in Sevilla

By Martin Myall

A woman was arrested for punching a Guardia Civil policeman in the face in Castilleja de la Cuesta (Sevilla). Is nothing sacred? »

Swedish Fugitives Arrested

By Martin Myall

An off-duty officer belonging to the Policía Nacional arrested two Swedish brothers on the run in a shopping mall in Málaga on Sunday 7th. »

Blind Pedestrian & Tram Train

By Vivienne Hughes

A blind woman was saved from being run over by a surface metro train in Granada on the 3rd of this month thanks to the rapid response of a police officer. »

Policeman, Car Thief & Long Drop

By Hugh MacArthur

Yesterday saw the day of a man being tried for the attempted murder of a Guardia Civil Officer, who had caught him red-handed breaking into a car. »

Police Save Biker’s Life

By Martin Myall

Two policemen belonging to the Guardia Civil managed to save a biker's life after he suffered a lower-limb amputation. »

Almuñécar Judge Sues Policeman

By Vivienne Hughes

An Almuñécar-based judge has reported a policeman from the municipal-police force for allegedly threatening her. »

Kicked in the Tender Ones

By Martin Myall

Morche was enjoying its fiesta last weekend, but there was one policeman who wasn't because somebody kicked him in the unmentionables. »

Bogus Policeman Kidnapping

By Martin Myall

The provincial law courts in Madrid have sentenced a man to five years' imprisonment for the attempted kidnapping of a young woman, whilst impersonating a policeman. »

Off-Duty Policeman Saves Life

By Vivienne Hughes

An off-duty policeman managed to save the life of a biker who had suffered the amputation of his right legs after colliding with a lamppost in lcalá de Henares. »

Another Policeman Incident

By Vivienne Hughes

A Policía Local in Valdepeñas (Jaén) shot the owner of a sandwich & rolls shop, killing him and accidentally wounded a customer before turning the gun on himself. »

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