A Manolo vs. German Airport

WLD Munich AirportA young Spaniard inadvertently caused a major German airport to be shut down, which consequently caused 130 flights to be cancelled – he wasn’t popular.

What had happened was that when he got off his flight, he somehow became separated from the rest of the passengers on his flight and had subsequently got lost. He had flown into Germany’s second-biggest airpot, Munich, from Bangkok. He was to catch a flight to Madrid from there.

Unfortunately, he came across a security door leading to an area of restricted access… and pressed the button to open it, which set off alarms. On the other side of the door was an area for passengers who had already passed through security checks.

That part of the airport was immediately evacuated, following the established protocol – everybody who was in that area had to leave it and go back through the security checks.

The surprised and bewildered young Spanish lad was found and arrested.

As mentioned above, flights that were scheduled to take off were cancelled and it took several hours for normality to be reimposed on the check-in areas, with delays backing up throughout the day.

After being grilled by airport security, he finds himself facing possible criminal charges. The German federal police say that the culprit was “horrified” by what he had caused.

That same day – one Tuesday towards the end of last month – the airport had 1,200 scheduled flight departures and arrivals handling some 120,000 passengers, but that was without counting on our Manolo… bless his cotton socks!

(News: Munich, Germany)

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