A Night Out…

ALM Castle EntranceHow would you like to rid yourself of a pert 7.5 euros that have been idling in your pocket? We have a cunning plan!

Actually, it’s not ours but a blighter of a plan by the Almuñécar Town Hall that entails you dragging your reluctant jumble of body parts off your oppressed sofa and out into the night! You might not think that this is a spiffing plan but believe me, your wife does.

So, dispensing with further preamble, every Friday, in exchange for those boisterous euros – and a bit of sweat – you can be ushered around the town’s historic sites, soaking up culture whilst pouring out toxins through your ridiculous, Hawaiian-shirt armpits!

The Almuñécar company Ítaca Guias will whisk you through the surprised Barrio de San Miguel, past slamming doors, bolts firmly banged home, wailing dogs and barking children to the Castle of San Miguel.

And all the while that you are feasting your bloodshot orbs on the venerable history of the town, which goes back 3,000 years, guides will read historic texts to you on Abderramán, who was an Arab tourist from the 8th Century who just happened to conquer most of southern Spain, including Almuñécar, on a Mecca, Away-Day ticket.

At the end of the tour, just when you’re offering them another 7.50 euros to leave you to die rather than continue, you will be offered some edibles in the form of cazuela mohína, which is a typical Almuñécar dessert.

So, putting aside unbridle satire, here’s the route: Departure from the foot of El Peñon de Santo at 21.30h for a tour ending at the door of the castle, approximately two hours later. Children under 12 can go along free of charge, although will it cost you dearly one hour into the tour when the whining begins!

For those of you who prefer a morning experience, there is also one that begins Saturday morning, taking in the Castle and the Museo de Siete Cuevas, starting at 10.00h.

Both tours are given in Spanish and English by the guide.

Now, there is some confusion in the press release concerning starting times in the original press release, so if you are interested, contact 617 245 312 or visit www.itacaguias.es

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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