Parking Rebels

MOT Parking RebelsThe ban on parking on the edge of the beach on Playa Poniente is resulting in a clash between administrations and skirmishes with rebel parkers.

Saturday morning broke with all the ‘No-Parking’ signs papered over with the very Andalusian expression Nonina!

Actually, although it has been crammed in so that it looks like just one word, it is in fact three, with the last one being an abbreviation: No, Ni Ná! and would losely translate for ‘Yeah, right!’ or in this specific case, ‘You’ve got a hope!’

The Spanish in general are nonconformists: Brussels brings out an EU law, the Spanish EMPs say, “good move” and then snigger, “No ni na!” And if the Spanish are nonconformists, then the Andalusians are out-and-out rebels.

The fact is that it is summer, the beaches are the motor of the local economy and if Paquillo, Jeniffer de los Dolores and two screaming brats can’t fall straight out of a car door onto a beach then an ink suckers (chupa tintas/pen pusher) are going to get a rude awakening.

Viva la República de mis cojones, ahora vas y lo cascas!

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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