Not a Good Start

LHR Sewage on PaseoAs soon as the increased summer population of La Herradura ups the workload on the new sewage system… well, you can guess what hits the fan, so to speak.

It’s a pity, obviously, because the paseo businesses down Peña Parda end have hung on all through the quieter months in order to make a little money in the summer – they don’t deserve this.

OK, the facts are that on Sunday the main pump for taking the village’s sewage up to the sewage-recycling plant went on the blink and instead of going up hill, well, it popped out all over the Paseo Andrés Segovia, causing quite a stink in more ways than one.

The First Councillor, Juan José Ruiz Joya, rushed to point out that the breakage was not in the recently installed part of the system and that the breakdown had been quickly sorted out that same day.

Now, the chief opposition party, the CA (the party with the most votes in the last elections but denied the mayoralty) described the fault as an “espectáculo bochornoso” (“sultry affair,” although our Benny uses it more along the lines as ‘tacky’).

The First Councillor, Juan José Ruiz Joya, also pointed out that the Town Hall is not responsible for the sewage system, but rather the responsibility lies with  the company that built and runs the recycling plant.

But getting back to Benny’s beef… he says that his party had come up with a design for a new paseo in 2007, which had the approval of the Ministry of the Environment but was rejected by the present mayor’s party. He also suggests that all the work carried out on the paseo, sewage treatment was just cosmetic, making a big deal of new pavements etc.

Well, whatever the case, La Herradura had a whiff of the old days just months after the new sewage system was officially finished. The pump that failed didn’t belong to the new installations and that the responisibility for maintaining the system is somebody else’s? The fact is that right at the beginning of July, over a weekend, when the system gets its first real test, this happens.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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