Drowned under a Waterfall

SPN Drowned under a waterfallOn Sunday the 7th an abseiler drowned as he dangled on his rope, trapped beneath a waterfall after his tackle jammed.

At approximately 17.55h the Guardia Civil in Huesca (Aragón) received an alert to say that an abseiler in the Barranco Estriviella had become stuck under a waterfall. The call came from his fellow abseiling companion.

Apparently, they were nearly at the end of the barranco and were tackling an 18-metre descent when the victim’s rope-feed mechanism jammed. Unable to descend further the man succumbed to the buffeting of the falling water onto him.

The mountain-rescue team station in Jaca, a helicopter and medical staff all arrived at the scene. However at first the helicopter was unable to locate the victim in its first passes so the rescue team advanced on foot.

However, the first to arrive were two off-duty Guardia Civil officers who were abseiling there themselves. They managed to get him down by cutting his rope and had tried in vein to revive him using CPR.

When the medical personnel arrived there was nothing that could be done for him other than to secure the 54-year-old victim from Valencia to a stretcher and evacuate the body by helicopter.

(News: Huesca, Aragon)

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