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Not a Good Start

LHR Sewage on Paseo

As soon as the increased summer population of La Herradura ups the workload on the new sewage system… well, you can guess what hits the fan, so to speak.

Benny’s Back!

ALM Benavides Benny 2019 B

Did he ever go away? That’s a good question, but that fact is… Benny’s back and running for the mayoralty of Almuñécar in the 2019 Municipal Elections.

Benny Acquitted… Again

This has become probably the most-used headline in the Gazette, as no matter how many cases are brought against the Ex-Mayor of Almuñécar, Juan Carlos Benavides, he’s always acquitted.

Will Benny Get Back In?

People often ask me if I think that Benny will get back in and I answer that I think he will, but rather thanks the decline in the PP and PSOE, than to a massive swing in his favour.

Benny’s Aquittal Confirmed

The provincial law court has just confirmed the ex-Mayor’s acquittal by the local court in Motril, together with the other five councillors that stood trial with him over the illegally-built sports hall in the Rio Jate vega.