Yacht Runs Aground in Salobreña

SAL Beached Yacht Javier Martin IdealA yacht ran aground on Saturday night along Playa Punta del Rio in Salobreña and the owner is calling for help to get it refloated.

The 9-metre-long yacht belongs to a Mr Martín Barufaldi, who explained that he had set sail from Adra on Friday with a friend and his son aboard and then dropped anchor off Salobreña more or less in front of Club 18 Nudos.

However, Saturday night the wind got up causing a heavy swell and strong surf, which literally snapped the anchor chain, leaving the craft to be driven ashore on the said beach. Fortunately there was nobody on board when this happened.

During Sunday they attempted to refloat the yacht with the help of somebody’s launch but to no avail as the surf was still running high. They even received help from the Guardia Civil Customs launch, but again to no avail.

Then came yesterday and the weather was even worse with an easterly gale blowing, so the yacht owner is very worried about the damage being caused to his boat and is powerless to do anything about it, he says.

His main concern is the 1.7m keel against the rocky bottom just off the beach so it will face inevitable damage when they try to drag it from the beach – the seabed shelves only slightly and is stoney.

He is asking for ideas on how to get the boat back in deeper waters without damaging the yacht further.

Editorial note: there are more photos taken by Ideal photographer, Javier Martín which you will find following this link

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Ideal)

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