A Plague of Fleas

MOT Immigrants in portThe police union, SUP has approached the Ministry of the Interior, requesting that the immigrant centre in Motril be closed down.

The reason behind this request is that the centre has a massive flea infestation, the union claims. For this reason the SUP considers that its police officers and the immigrants there are in a health-risk situation.

The Secretary for the police union in Granada, César Calín, not only called for it to be closed down, but for another, new, centre to be built, as had been promised in 2018 year. He reminded the Minister that this has been a long-standing demand as the present centre does not meet the minimum standards of hygiene and safety.

He conclude that the centre has to be emptied so that the building can be fumigated, adding that those responsible for the situation having reached this state should be held to task so that it does not happen again.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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