Name Calling and Taunts

Saturday, June 22, 2019
By Martin Myall

ALM Paco Morgan IU VotingTension runs high in Almuñécar between members of opposing political parties; i.e., between the A.A. and the C.A.

According to the Adelante Almuñécar (IU) councillor, Paco Morgan, the ex-Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides (CA) called him a facist: he claims that he had walked by the CA office with his wife and some friends when Benavides called out from within, “Good Afternoon, Councillor Facist!”

Furthermore, he claims that Benavides’s wife threatened to thump his wife…

The PP has since chipped in, backing the aggrieved councillor, whose vote was crucial as a tie breaker for Trinidad Herrera to land Mayoralty again.

ALM Benavides Voting 2019However, Juan Carlos Benavides sees it differently, as expressed on the party’s facebook account. He claims that Councillor Morgan “recochineaba” (was taking the mickey) outside the CA offices. Councillor Morgan denies this, claiming that he never said a word.

Editorial comment: Councillor Morgan, whose political leaning is far left (communist) voted in favour of a conservative candidate (Mayor Herrera) and against the socialist candidate, who was also backed by the CA. Does Mr Morgan really expect to be able to walk around town without somebody pointing out his surprising vote decision? Perhaps he should consider a career change?

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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