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Name Calling and Taunts

By Martin Myall

Tension runs high in Almuñécar between members of opposing political parties; i.e., between the A.A. and the C.A. »

Blasphemy in the 21st Century

By Hugh MacArthur

Spanish actor, Willy Toledo, who has been taken to court for insulting God and the Virgin has come out in support of a Spanish comedian, Carlos Santiago. »

House Arrest for Insulting a Mayor

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman has been sentenced to seven days house arrest for calling a mayor an "idiot" and a "fascist." »

Yayoflauta Before a Judge

By Hugh MacArthur

Great word, that! A 'yayoflauta' is a pensioner who takes part in demonstrations against social injustices. One such lady is standing trial in Madrid for insulting a policeman. »

Judge Falls Foul of Politicians

By Martin Myall

Juez Pedraz finds that the protestors outside the Parliament building did not commit any punishable act. He put the situation down to political decadence in Spain. »

Benny and the Judges

By Editor

Benny and the Judges have seen a lot of judicial action during December. Let’s start with the big one. Regional press headlines on the 16th boomed out, “Un jurado popular absuelve a Benavides” (A jury acquits Benavides). This was the second time in just two months that Juan Carlos Benavides – against all expectation... »

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