Family & Dog Rescued

GRA Otura Fire RescueThe Guardia Civil rescued a family from a house fire on Plaza de España in Otura, which is just outside the city of Granada.

The incident occurred in the early hours of yesterday and thanks to the quick actions of the policemen, the mother, father, daughter… and even the dog, were helped to escape from a second-storey window.

Things had happened fast because having responded to the emergency call out, the police were the first on the scene. Guardia units from Güéjar Sierra, La Zubia and Las Gabias all responded to the call out.

The family was calling for help from the bedroom window. Downstairs was full of smoke but police officers managed to drag out a sofa and then formed a human ladder on top of it to reach the family.

First the daughter was helped down and then the parents. Finally, the dog was grabbed unceremoniously and brought down, too.

The family had to receive treatment for mild smoke poisoning, as did  the policemen. Another policeman suffered neck tension after having born the weight of the descending family on his shoulders.

The fire service soon arrived to put out the fire and according to their report the fire had begun on the ground floor and had been caused by a short circuit in a chest freezer.

(News: Otura, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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