Far Away Faragüit Four

COS Guajar Maria PlantationThe Guardia Civil bagged four young individuals from Guájar Faragüit after the discovery of an indoor marihuana plantation.

The two men and two women, aged between 20 and 26, were rumbled owing to the strong smell of ‘weed’ coming out of the dwelling. None of them had had any dealings with The Law before.

Neighbours had complained amongst themselves about the smell and finally the Guardia Civil, rural HQ in Salobreña had got wind of the murmurings, so they sent a patrol around to investigate.

After confronting the owner of the house and searching it, they found a room with 145 cannabis plants and another seven on the roof terrace.

Editorial comment: the police would have more time to investigate crimes such as robberies etc, if they weren’t tied down dealing with marihuana-related crimes, which is as good a reason as any to legalise it.

(News: Guájar Faragüit, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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