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Weed in Car Boot

ALM Weed in Car Boot Onl

The Almuñécar Policía Local arrested a local man over an illegal plantation in a garage – he had been stopped with a car boot full of weed at a road check.

Salobreña Arrest

SAL Road Control Point

A man from Molvízar was arrested for a number of reasons after jumping a Salobreña road check: a drug plantation at home and no driving licence, amongst them.

Idiots at Large

SPN Guardia Road Control

There has never been stricter control over traffic; you can’t enter or exit a town without coming across a road check but some don’t take that into account.

Padul Drugs Bust

GRA Padul Drug Bust

A Guardia Civil police operation in Padul ended with several arrests, two cars impounded and a sizeable amount of marihuana confiscated.