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Abosol & Xmas Poinsettias

The yard is huge, with saplings, seedlings, plants, compost, gravel and even logs for your fire. Just opposite the yard is the shop with everything from week killers to hoses and tools.

Plantyflor – Florist in Almuñécar

Run by Francisco, there is always a good selection of potted plants and both natural and artificial flowers. I should know a good deal more about the potted plants as Di doesn’t seem to be able to pass the place without coming away with a new pot and contents to adorn our balcony.

A Warning for ‘Home Farmers’

A couple were arrested for growing marijuana on their roof terrace. Now, more than a few people grow wonky weed at home, in planters or flower pots, which is legal, as long as the quantity can be interpreted as ‘personal consumption,’ but the couple had taken the interpretation a little too far.

Just Not Cricket

Nobody could have failed to notice the new street flower displays; large square, chest-type affairs that line Avenida de Andalucia, for example. Well, all those different flowers and plants have obviously been too much of a temptation for many, because as soon as the plant boxes had been decked out with an array of flowering shrubs they disappear,