Italian Drug Runners Arrested

MOT Yacht Transporting DrugsThe Guardia Civil intercepted a luxury yacht with 3,385 kilos of hashish on board opposite the Almería/Granada provincial border.

The raid took place at four in the morning on Monday and resulted in the arrest of the two crew members; an Italian father and son, aged 58 and 28.

The Maritime branch of the Guardia Civil had been alerted by the SIVE (a coastal radar/infrared detection system all along the coast). They reported that they had detected a boat sailing close to the coast with no navigation lights on and completely blacked out.

The Guardia launch approached silently, blacked out as well, until they were close in and then completely illuminated the yacht with search lights. The drug runners reacted but too late to escape.

When the police inspected the motor yacht they were both surprised and pleased to uncover over three tonnes of hashish, distributed between 105 packages, each one weighing approximately 32 kilos. The street value of the cargo is calculated at 5.7m euros.

As for the yacht, it was a hired pleasure craft destined for usage between European ports and was registered in the US.

The yacht was brought into Motril Port a little after 07.00h where the two Italians were led away in cuffs.

It is not usual for illegal drug consignments to be moved along the coast by sea; normally it comes straight over from North Africa and is landed to be transported by road.

Readers might remember drugs bust about three years ago that cracked a drugs ring based in La Herradura that used yachts to ship drugs to Italy and other European countries.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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