Work under The Bridge

SAL Work under N-340 BridgeIf you’ve been to Salobreña this week you will have seen that there is work going on under the N-340 bridge, which gives access to the town.

They’re building a widened footpath along the lefthand side, looking under the bridge to the north.

There is a worker with a stop/go bat to direct the traffic, but who appears to completely ignore this task, more engrossed with what the JCB is doing. Consequently, conflicting traffic flows have to vie for right of way along the only unencumbered lane beneath the bridge.

Working is also going on in the half-hearted, bus station to “make access more comfortable for pedestrians,” by putting in a new door so that pedestrians can gain access without having to pass through the ticket-office building.

Inside the bus marshalling yard they are building a covered area to offer a spot of shade from the sun and shelter from the rain when waiting for a bus. Furthermore, street lights are being erected to provide a spot of illumination.

SAL Work on Bus PortNow, to provide a bit of safety for pedestrians on their Odyssey to reach the bus port, there will be lights on the zebra crossing on the lane leading up to the N-340 in the direction of Almuñécar. There will also be lighting under the bridge.

As the pavement has been widened on the lefthand side, the space on the righthand side has been narrowed so as not to reduce the breadth of the actual road.

The Mayor, María Eugenia Rufino, hopes that in these coming weeks work can conclude allowing the ‘fabled,’ not-quite-a-bus-station, to open, at last.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia: Photos: G. Richardson)

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