Mickey Mouse Driving Licence

SPN Guardia Civil motorbike police 02The Traffic Police in Burgos arrested 69-year-old man, L.V.U. accused of falsifying an official document; i.e., forgery.

The suspect’s car was stopped at a routine road check and L.V.U. was asked for his ID. The driver was Russian but handed over an Irish driving licence. One glance at the document was enough to raise their suspicions.

The Guardia Civil, traffic-police officers decided to check the licence against the centralised computer records belonging to the Grupo de Investigación y Análisis (GIAT).

Under close scrutiny the licence also showed signs of being altered, which was confirmed by GIAT when they came back to the traffic policemen.

Editorial comment: A Russian driving a Spanish car with an Irish licence… talk about panting to be pulled over.

(News: Burgos, Castilla-Leon)

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