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All That Glistens…

… On the contrary, some gold stays in the dark! The Guardia Civil in Maracena arrested a gold dealer – in one of these prolific ‘we-buy-your-gold’ establishments – for allegedly forging purchase contracts.

La Herradura Arrests

The Policía Nacional have arrested three Romanians in La Herradura as alleged members of a forgery network, dealing in forged bank notes and identity documents.

Teacher Cheated on Exams?

The Public Prosecutor is recommending a jail sentence for a female ex-teacher who allegedly forged examination results so that six of her students failed.

Guardia Civil Suspects ITV Fraud

After arresting and charging 29 people in the province of Jaen for manipulating speed-limiters on mopeds,the Guardia came across a forged stamp on somebody’s car documents.