Looking Back: Mayor in Trouble

Today’s article from a decade back deals with the controversial (but never boring) then-Mayor of Almuñécar, entitled: Tribulations for the Mayor.

Back then, Juan Carlos ‘non-stick’ Benavides was dodging law suits left, right and centre, bless him.

Sensing that he could be found guilty over the Tropical Fruits Affair and have to cough up his last penny in fines and compensation he ‘divorced’ his wife, leaving himself with only a moped as his sole possession. The divorce settlement gave the rest to  his wife…

His right-hand man at the time, Rafael Contreras, took the same route and divorced his wife too. Now if Benny’s divorce was just a tad suspicious, then when Rafael also took the same course, the Pubic Prosecutor was having none of it.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the article, which is where you will get the full story by clicking on the link in the first paragraph.

(Feature/Looking Back: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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