Bye Bye Night Club

MOT El Faro ClubThe night club on the beach El Cable in Motril has been demolished, as it was built without the necessary permission from Costas.

The owners of El Faro had been immersed in a legal battle for two years with the entity that holds sway over the country’s coastline… Costas!

It does this via its provincial offices, belonging to the Central Government’s Ministry of the Environment.

They lost however and the bulldozers moved in yesterday morning and within hours the night club was just a heap of rubble to be piled onto lorries and taken away.

The well known club had operated for the last 20 years with its operating licence expired and unable to legalise the business because it had been built on dominio público marítimo terrestre; i.e., the strip of land along the nation’s coast from the waterline to 500 metres inland, under the governance of the all powerful… Costas!

Editorial comment: they used to advertise with us once… and from there on in it was all down hill for them.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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