The Husky Hustle

SPN Dodgy Doggy DealBuying things on the Internet, especially from private sales, can be dodgy, as was the case of a Siberian-Husky-puppy sale.

The Guardia Civil arrested 22-year-old Z.M.S. for alleged fraud over the sale of the said dog; the purchaser paid over 400 euros… but didn’t get the dog.

The incident took place in February when the claimant saw an advert on a well-known website specialising in putting sellers and purchasers in contact.

The purchaser saw a photo of a cute Siberian Husky pup and thought it well worth the asking price of 400 euros, so he got in contact with the dog owner in Barcelona. He then, as arranged, made a transfer of 400 euros to the seller’s account.

Days past and there was no sign of the animal. Furthermore, the seller wasn’t answering his calls anymore.

The victim then placed a formal complaint before the Guardia Civil, who began investigating. They soon identified the owner of the contact phone number; a woman living near Burgos, not Barcelona, as she had claimed.

What is more, it is not the first time that the suspect had to the Law’s attention as she already had an arrest warrant issued against her for failing to turn up to a hearing in Durango.

A cyber security branch of the Guardia Civil is tasked with tracking down people suspected of online crimes, nabbing them even though they use false identities and locations when registering on sale & purchase websites.

(News: Spain)

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