The Long Arm of the Law

Italian MafiaLast year almost 300 national and international fugitives were captured in the province of Granada, two thirds by the Guardia Civil.

The majority of these people on the run were tracked down to small hotels and hostels, normally on their way through the province, thanks to the system where you have to show a valid ID/passport in order to register for the night.

But Granada is a small city and the province does not have the influence of the Costa del Sol, which has earned it the nickname of Costa del Crimen. This is the reason that the majority of arrests are involving people moving through the province rather than residing in it.

However, some do reside here, for instance, the Grupo de Fugitivos de la Policía Nacional arrested a Colombian woman last year who was on the Interpol wanted list for child pornography and paedophilia. She had been on the run for three years and was tracked down to a flat in the northern district of the city. It’s a rough district of Granada where residents don’t ask too many questions of each other.

British pedophile David Daniel Hayes, one of the most wanted ones in Europe was found in the province. He stood accused of nine counts of pedophilia in the UK. He had disappeared three years ago but the Guardia Civil found that he had gone to ground in Granada. When a case of pedophilia came to light in the province involving a man giving English classes at home, they immediately dug out Hayes’s file.

Now comes the case of 48-year-old Andrew Dawson who had gone to ground in a cortijo in Montefrío. Dawson, who had escaped from prison in Birmingham in 2016 carrying out a 5-year sentence, was using the cortijo as a exportation hub for marihuana to the UK.

The final example is the one of the Russian, radical skinhead who had fled his country after carrying out attacks on foreigners in Russia. Here he completely changed his look and grew his hair and a beard and dressed as a hippy. Living in the city of Granada he was rumbled thanks to his finger prints.

(News: Granada)

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