Artillery Shell on Carchuna Beach

ECO CW Bomb on Carchuna BeachBomb disposal experts have destroyed an explosive artefact that was found on Carchuna beach around the middle of last month.

The Policía Nacional received a call (091) on the 11th from a beach walker to say that he had found something that looked like an artillery shell.

A patrol was sent to the beach for a provisional inspection, who confirmed that it was indeed dangerous so the TEDAX-NRBQ were sent in to dispose of it.

The bomb-disposal team confirmed that it was a 70mm artillery shell, complete with its fuse but in a deteriorated state given the erosion caused by the sea.

As it would be dangerous to even move it, so it was detonated there on the beach after carrying out all safety measures.

(News: Carchuna, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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