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Looking Back: Majuelo Shooting

ALM Majuelo Park OnL

We begin the month for our Looking Back section with an article about a shooting in Almuñécar’s Parque Majuelo. The actual shooting took place in March, but the arrests took place in June.

Dutch Drugs Ring


Police swooped and arrested a gang of drugs smugglers – amongst them a Dutchmen – who operated smuggling large shipments of Marihuana from Granada to the Netherlands.

Jihad Suspects Arrested

SPN Jihadist Arrest

The Catalonian regional police, Los Mossos d’Esquadra, launched an anti-jihadist operation in Barcelona at 04.30h on Tuesday the 18th resulting in twelve house searches and several arrests.

Semana Santa Stampede

AND Semana Santa Stampede

It is testimony to how jumpy the Spanish general public is over terrorists attacks that panic broke out during a Semana Santa procession in Sevilla resulting in injuries.

Nativity Nastiness

ALM Nativity Scene OnL

Two people were arrested in Almuñécar over the thefts and vandalism inflicted upon the nativity scene belonging to the Cofradía Virgen de los Dolores.