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From France with Love

GRA WW1 French Grenade

One of the imports people in Granada don’t expect from France is a 100-year-old handgrenade amongst horticultural products. However, that is what happened.

Cheating Charity

GRA Cáritas Granada

Now, before we begin, it should be pointed out that its not the case of a charity being dishonest but of a dishonest person pretending to be a charity.

Facts & Fines

ALM policestation OnL

The Almuñécar Policía Local knocked up 69 fines during the first half of March, most of which had something to do with the pandemic restrictions.

Honesty Alive & Well

GRA ATM Cash Withdrawal

A man in Granada went to use an ATM and found 300 euros sticking out of the slot; somebody had forgotten to retreive it after requesting it from the machine.