Guardia Post Burgled

GRA Lachar Guardia Civil PostSomebody broke into the Guardia Civil post in Láchar (Granada) during the early hours of Sunday and removed five service pistols.

The culprit(s) forced a window and then broke into the clothes lockers, not only taking the service firearms but also some 100 rounds of ammunition.

La Asociación Española de Guardias Civiles puts the incident down to a lack of human and material resources ever since the crisis began.

“Because of the bad state of the guard post, service personnel have had to look for accommodation elsewhere, so now the building is little more than a ghost guard post,” explained the Spokesperson for the association.

The post is only open until 14.00h each day whereas it doesn’t even open over the weekend. The burglar(s) took advantage of there being nobody in the post during the weekend to break in.

The Guardia Civil Corps possesses 192,000 firearms whilst the Policia Nacional has 164,000.

(News: Láchar, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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