The Chihuahua Bust

SPN The Chihuahua BustThe Policía Nacional in collaboration with the Policía Local in Meco, have shut down an illegal, dog breeding kennel in a house in Madrid.

The police had been tipped off by a neighbour who was sick and tired of the noise and smell coming from the property, although the caller put the emphasis on the health of the animals.

The police began investigating and soon found that the suspects had a webpage and social media profiles where they offered pedigree chihuahuas and dog-related products for sale.

On their first inspection of the premises they found “numerous animals in cages, giving off a strong unpleasant smell.” They also noted before entering the noise generated by the barking and yelping dogs.

The dwelling lacked any authorisation (licence) for such activity. Neighbours, however, assured the police that the property had been operating for nearly 20 years and that there was always a coming and going of customers.

Before actually turning up at the house to inspect, the police had tried on numerous occasions to contact the owners, but after detecting that many dogs were being moved out, they moved in.

During the inspection twelve dogs, all chihuahuas, were confiscated, along with 16 travelling cages/boxes.

The animals have been taken to an animal sanctuary, where they were given the names Starski, Hutch, Sabrina, Jill, Kelly, Everest, Beckett, Scully, Wilows, Clarise and Sophie, all from police and crime TV series.

The culprits could face charges that include animal cruelty given the conditions in which the animals were kept.

(News: Meco, Madrid)

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