Average Road Accident Rate

There is a road accident involving family cars once every hour and a half within the province of Granada, according to Unespa.

Actually, Unespa, which is the Spanish Board of Insurance Companies, puts the figure at every one hour, 23 minutes and three seconds.

This information comes from a recent, nationwide survey that they have taken, which also estimates this amount of accidents on the province’s roads costs insurance companies some 12,000,000 euros a year.

But you would be wrong if you thought that Granada is at the top of the list for road accidents in Andalucía because there are three provinces in our region where accidents occur in less than one an hour: Almería where the average is one every 21 minutes, Cádiz every 45 minutes and Córdoba where it is every 51 minutes.

Over in smarty-pants Málaga the average is one every two hours whilst in butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-their-mouths Sevilla, the average is around one accident every five hours 21 minutes.

Anyway to come up with these figures they used data from 2017 supplied by 72 different insurance entities.

The total amount paid out by insurance companies during 2017 was 400-million euros, which is about 45,800 euros an hour.

(News: Andalucia)

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