Altillo Reopened to Traffic

ALM Altillo Reopened Feb19So, Almuñécar’s Paseo del Altillo road is now open again; thank God! The Mayor and the Municipal Surveyor inspected the finished job yesterday afternoon.

There was no inauguration ceremony as the Mayor considers that getting it opened back up to traffic was more important.

However, although vehicle access was restored, there are still some minor things to be done on the paseo, namely the gardened area and the signposting.

The roundabout will also be getting a bronze sculpture but the Mayor is keeping quiet on its design.

She reiterated that the project was not “a whim,” as the opposition parties had claimed. She considers that the area needed to be revitalised after its original ‘botch-job’ construction in the first place.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia  – Photo: JM de H)

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