Worse Junction in Salobreña

SAL Worse Signposted JunctionNo matter how many times you take the backroad from Molvízar to Salobreña, coming in at the industrial estate, the junction is  annoyingly confusing.

There are no visible white lines to indicate where the lanes go or where to stop. There is a desolatory Stop-Sign that has given up and sulks, admittedly, but how you negotiated the junction is pot-luck.

If you’ve just come off the entrance roundabout on the north side of the main road (where the phantom bus station will manifest itself… one day) and you want to pop along to Lidls, theres no problem.

However, if you want to turn right and motor across the wilds of the vega back road, then you have a problem – where does the bloody lane go? And it’s the same if you’re coming from lidls and want to go to Molvízar, it’s the same problem.

If you meet another car then you just both sit there staring at each other, looking apologetic, unless you’re Spanish, in which case you just look accusingly… All this ‘stand-off’ situation continues until somebody ducks down below the dash board and slams the gas pedal down… singing Rule Britannia between clenched teeth.

So, why has nobody got around to painting the lines on this junction-sin-ley? Am going to have a word with the Mayor about this – after all we’re coming up to elections so something might be done!

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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