10-Year-Old Prostituted

AND 15-Year Old ProstitutedThe Guardia Civil in Valladolid handed a 10-year-old girl over into the care of a children’s home as they suspected that she was being prostituted.

Plainclothes police officers went round to her home in Peñafiel with a warrant issued by a judge after they had received a report for a social worker on the 1st of November.

The girl lived with her parents, brothers and sisters, as well as her uncles and cousins. In the statement given by her parents they denied these accusations.

The girl will remain in child care until further investigation has been carried out.

Meanwhile in Málaga the police, as part of Operación Coletos arrested four people, suspected of prostituting a 15-year-old girl who had run away from home.

The police had come across a webpage where the girl was being offered to ‘prospective customers’ so they set about identifying and locating the victim as quickly as possible.

The girl, originally from Paraguay, had met one of the gang members in Velez-Málaga, who had offered her a somewhere to stay and “a way of earning money quickly”

The gang was made up of a married couple and two minors who were not related to the couple. There she was forced to have sex with some of them.

The police had already located the house where the girl was being held but had to move in fast because they had caught wind of her being moved to Granada. The arrest of the couple was made at a bus station. The two minors involved in her ordeal were later arrested in Vélez-Málaga and the city of Málaga.

Finally, a minor who had run away from home in Otura on Tuesday this week, returned home in good health that same Thursday. Apparently she and a friend had been in the city of Granada during the two days of her absence.

At least, in this last case, not all run-aways end up in dangerous hands, fortunately.


(News: Penafield, Valladolid, Castilla-Leon)

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