Why aren’t the Ski Slopes Open?

GRA Sierra Nevada 2018That is a question that many people in Granada are asking as they look up and see the Sierra Nevada completely snow covered.

But it is not only the people down below, but also the businesses up in the ski village, such as restaurants, sports shops and hotels.

The only thing missing, it appears, is for the semi-public company that runs the ski slopes, Cetursa to announce it.  After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that the slopes have been opened ahead of time, as was the case in winter of 2008 when they opened on the 15th of November.

There have been natural snow fall and the snow cannons have been bombarding the slopes since the end of October – there is no lack of skiable snow – cross-country skiers are already up there using it, but the slopes themselves are closed.

The answer is more than likely because of the looming strike, planned for the first week that the ski station opens. There was an agreement reached on the 7th of this month, but they’re still awaiting a spot of paper shuffling and a flurry of ink stamps.

One can’t help feeling that Sevilla (Junta de Andalucía) is not on the ball – a common complaint in the east of Andalucia, as the Junta only appears to be aware that western andalucia exists, some think. But then again we have the regional elections on the 2nd of December and politicians have been buzzing around telling everybody how important they are to them. Surely getting the skiing season off to a start ahead of schedule would be a point in favour of the ruling party?

Has the Junta dropped the ball with the Sierra Nevada skiing season, then? This labour problem has been ticking away since May, but of course, summer was on its way and the problem was put on the back burner until the very last minute, resulting in a loss of income for the skiing instructors, the hotels and the restaurants…

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