Daring Raid on Police Van

GRA Guardia-Cvil VanA dangerous criminal managed to escape from police custody  in Granada whilst he was being transported in a Guardia Civil van on Thursday.

The van was attacked by group of individuals with fire extinguishers, permitting 27-year-old, Roberto Izquierdo, a well known ram-raider, to flee.

He was being transered from the Valdemoro Prison to a hospital and it was there at the destination that the attack took place. The van and policemen were sprayed with foam from the extinguishers, leaving them blinded and fighting not to topple over. The freed prisoner and the attackers fled the scene in a stolen BMW.

Only that same week the Guardia Civil had cracked a gang specialised in ram-raiding shops using stolen vehicles, lead by Gregorio Rodríguez, alias, Goyito.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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