Beach Sports Area Confrontation

Less than month after a halt in the demolition order on the sports area on La Herradura beach, things have gone pear shape again.

It was on the 1st of October that the Town Hall was given another chance to submit a request to the Dirección General de Costas, asking them to lease the installations to the municipality for a period of 30 years – remember, all beach belongs to Costas.

Costas studied the request during the whole of October and then rejected it.

Stunned, the Town Council held an Plenary Meeting on Thursday and unanimously agreed to oppose the demolition. The First Councillor for the village later stated that they’ll have to drag him off the sports area in order to demolish it.

No matter than the installations are used by the secondary school because it has no space for physical education and that to deny the school this use is prejudicial to the educational needs of the pupils, Costas stubbornly resists any and all kind of reasoning.

Costas says that the sports area lacks any document that legitimises its occupation of part of the beach. They say that there had already been a non-disputable decision made for the demolition to take place in May 2016, which was put on hold whilst they considered the latest request from the Town Hall but they saw nothing new to make the change their minds.

They cannot, they state, permit non-nautical installations on a beach, as stipulated in Article 70.1 of the Coastal General Regulations.

Conclusions: there is going to be a show down on La Herradura Beach.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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