Fired for Heartless Comment

Thursday, October 18, 2018
By Martin Myall

GRA Guardias FuneralWhilst most people were moved and saddened by the death of a Guardia Civil policeman a couple of days ago, there will always be somebody who thinks it’s funny.

This time it was a worker at an Avila branch of Burger King who could think of nothing better than to tweet. “Un guardia civil muerto en Granada… bonita tarde se ha quedado” (A dead Guardia Civil in Granada… it’s turning out to be a nice afternoon)

It soon went viral and before long somebody suggested boicotting the said branch until something was done about him. The manager tweeted back: “disciplinary action has been taken; he no longer works here.”

The ‘jester’ had been working there for just over a year and there was nothing in his posting habits to date to suggest that he harboured such views.

Editorial comment: he probably thought that it would get a laugh, but now he can have a chuckle on the way down to the unemployment office (Labour Exchange).

Freedom of speech should prevail or is it about time that people were held responsible for the things that they publish online?


(News: Avila, Castilla-Leon)

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