The Mancomunidad’s Extra Cash

MOT Mancomunidad PlenoThe Mancomunidad de Municipios (Area Council) held an Extraordinary General Meeting yesterday resulting in good news for small villages.

There were actually four points on the agenda but the one that interests us most is the one where it was approved to spend 463,972 of its surplus funds from the 2017 budget on nine villages and municipal dependencies, all of which have fewer than 5,000 inhabitants : Lentegí, Caleta de Salobreña, Sorvilán, Rubite, Ítrabo, Gualchos, Jete, Otívar and Albuñol.

No surprises that it will be spent on the habitual, Mancomunidad hat-trick: water mains, sewers and rain drains.

This extra money will be added to the 24m-euro budget for the work that is already underway all along the Costa Tropical, for instance.

(News: Costa Tropical)

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