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Fired for Heartless Comment

By Martin Myall

Whilst most people were moved and saddened by the death of a Guardia Civil policeman a couple of days ago, there will always be somebody who thinks it's funny. »

Tick Bite Death

By Martin Myall

Around 100 people are under medical observation in Ávila after a man died of Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever, transmitted by a tick. »

Child Left in Car Again

By Hugh MacArthur

The Cuerpo Nacional de Policía had to break a side window of a parked car to get a heat-distressed child out in Ávila on the 18th of July. »

Cyclist Shot by Hunter

By Martin Myall

Cyclists on uphill, narrow roads with bends are annoying for motorists, but would you shoot one? Well, one hunter did, but by mistake. »

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