Obstinate Costas

LHR Beach Sports Area 02On Monday the first of October, heavy machinery will start ripping up La Herradura’s sports area on the beach unless Costas has a change of heart before then.

The 1,300 sq/m pitch-cum-court, which was built 40 years ago, is used all year round, especially during the school year when it is used by the high school for P.E., as it lacks its own sports facilities.

It was built before the Ley de Costas 1988 was introduced, which it now contravenes – laws aren’t retrospective, but that’s Costas for you. It was two years ago that the Town Hall first started to receive threats from Costas, saying if Almuñécar did not demolish it, Costas would, which is now what is happening.

No matter that in March this year the town spent 18,000 euros on doing up this sports facility.

What possible harm is this much needed sports area causing? Why this stubborn, bureaucratic obstinacy that defies all logic? Only Costas knows.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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