Weeding Out The Councillor

ALP PampaneiraA socialist councillor at the Pampaneira (Alpujarra) Town Hall has had to resign after the Guardia Civil discovered an outdoor, marihuana plantation on his property.

The discovery, made on the 14th of September, occurred when  355 marihuana plants were found on a piece of land in the municipality. They looked into the ownership of the land and found out that it belonged to the said councillor, Sr. C.I.G., bless his cotton socks.

On the very same day of the discovery the councillor drew up a letter of resignation, for ‘personal reasons.’

Just in the month of July the Guardia Civil located and destroyed 10,275 marihuana plants in 30 different operations, with 41 people being brought before a magistrate. Probably the most important raid bagged 4,220 plants of cannabis sativa in Cáñar, also in the Alpujarra.

(News: Pampaneira, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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