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Weeding Out The Councillor

ALP Pampaneira

A socialist councillor at the Pampaneira (Alpujarra) Town Hall has had to resign after the Guardia Civil discovered an outdoor, marihuana plantation on his property.

Pampaneira Fair


Pampaneira, up in the Alpujarra, held its XXX Feria de Artesanía, Turismo y Agricultura Ecológica during the All-Saints Bank Holiday.

Pampaneira Revisited

Marta is sighing deeply every time we switch on news channel 24 to look at the unbelievable farce that is supposed to lead to the creation of a new government.

Danish Outing

Many travel agencies in Denmark market tours to this area of Andalucia. In fact, many more tours come than we realize. The reason we hardly notice them is because the tour groups are very busy experiencing more in one week than the most of us here do in a given month. I accompanied a group recently and this is what we did:

Tarmac Sentry

Next time you are driving along the country roads of the Alpujarra, spare a thought for Antonio Mingorance Gutiérrez, whose untiring work to maintain the network over the last 47 years (on 24hour call out) is worthy of recognition.

Money for Road Damage

You will all, no doubt be pleased to hear that the Central Government and the Junta de Andalucía are going to chuck three million euros at the Alpujarra road system…

Tragic Car Accident

On a more tragic note, a mother and her young daughter perished when the woman was taking the child to school. Their car plunged down a steep hillside just outside Pampaneira, plummeting some 400 metres to the bottom.