Junta Acts Against Plastic Waste

MOT Greenhouse PlasticThe Junta de Andalucía has set in motion a campaign for the retrieval of discarded plastic from the greenhouses that has been dumped in gullies and ramblas.

Most of the plastic-farming sector in Andalusia is in Almería, Granada and Huelva, with the first of the three being the largest.

The Junta took a long while to work out where the ‘hotspots’ were and counted on the collaboration of the Board of Agriculture, Fishing and Rural Development, belonging to the Central Government.

The Empresa de Transformación Agraria SA (Tragsa) has been given the task of locating, collecting and recycling the plastic waste.

It is hoped that once all of the discarded plastic sheeting has been rounded up and removed, farmers will be more responsible with the correct disposal of old plastic.

Editorial comment: beware of low flying pigs….

(News: Almeria, Granada, Huelva, Andalucia)

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