Granada Earth Tremor

GRA Alhendin Earth Tremor 04 Sept 18Granada registered an earth tremor yesterday with a Richter scale reading of 2.9, which caused a bit of consternation in the city.

The strength of the earth tremor wasn’t that much, but because the epicentre was quite close to the surface, it was widely felt both in the city and surrounding towns and suburbs.

The seismic movement, which took place at 21:19:12 exactly was first reported to have taken place five kilometres down but this was later recalculated and place at zero metres, i.e, a surface seismic shock.

However, the National Institute for Seismology assures that this is normal and happens quite often and that it was nothing to worry about. It also says that the province is prone to minor seismic movements with over a thousand registered each year.

Editorial comment: Gazette advice: stock up on toilet paper.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucía)

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