Restaurante El Hervidero

FTR Restaurante El Hervidero GeneralEach month we send you off into the unknown to have a nice meal somewhere… but you keep finding your way back, so here’s another!

This time it’s a little more afield and rather higher up, because Restaurante El Hervidero Casa Macareno is up above La Zubia, right up in the Sierra Nevada. It’s cooler this time of year, and if you choose to go there in Winter, you’ve got the snow assured.

This restaurant is not much to look out, looking like a a sort of convent-cum-farm house. The dining space is found in a myriad of small rooms, where you are constantly going up and down levels to find your table.

Service is fast and the food is good quality for money; meaning that you weight will remain constant: the food ingested should balance out the lost of weight in your wallet.

FTR Restaurante El Hervidero GrubOnce you’ve stuffed yourself wicked then there are the surrounding to explore with plenty of walks and views. The premises is set on a farm, so there are animals, such as horses, cows and a good smattering of tractors and other farm machinery.

The restaurant bears the name, Fuente del Hervidero (The Boiling Spring), after the natural spring there where the water comes out with such force that it looks like its boiling.

FTR Restaurante El Hervidero TerraceThis place is very popular with the Granadinos because it’s simple faire, typical of the province. It’s good stuff and you get lots of it.

How to get there. This is where you wish you had a tomtom in your car. Nah! It’s not that difficult although getting through La Zubia can be a bit confusing because you go up a street, reach a roundabout and go right round and head back the way you come, because you need a left turning and you can’t access that street when you’re heading up.

Once you get onto the long, straight road Cumbres Verdes, it just a long climb through woodland. You pass a couple of urbanizaciones on the right and a restaurant called, La Guitarra, which isn’t bad either, but more or less this point you leave the tarmac and begin on a well maintained track, which winds on and up until you finally catch view of Restaurante El Hervidero Casa Macareno; a large old building, looking like a convent, surrounded by outbuildings.

Summing up, this is a Spanish venue popular with Granadinos set right in the heart of the Sierra Nevada, where there are plenty of walks to enjoy.

Restaurante El Hervidero Casa Macareno, Cuesta Corvales, Cumbres Verdes, La Zubia, 958 34 00 93. Book your table – it’s a long way to go for nothing. Opening hours are: Monday to Sunday, 11.00h to 18.30h & 20.30h to 01.30h, accept Tuesdays when it remains closed.

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(News/Excursion: La Zubia, Granada, Andalucia)

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