Stabbed American Court Sentence

GRA American StabbedThe man who stabbed a North American last year in the centre of Granada has accepted a 4-year, prison sentence and a compensation liability.

The aggressor, J.E.R., from the Dominican Republic, will have to pay 105,000 euros in compensation: 5,000 for the injuries sustained and 100,000 for the lasting affects caused by them. He also has a restraining order, forbidding him from approaching within 200 metres of the home of the victim, J.S.

The actual prison sentence is three years, eleven months, so as it is greater than two years, he will have to serve it in jail, rather than a suspended sentence.

The aggressor had an accomplice, a 35-year-old Granadino, who also faced drug charges because when his house was searched they found a small plantation of marihuana. He struck a deal with the Public Prosecutor and settled for a 6-month suspended sentence and a fine (drugs) of 150 euros.

The attack occurred at 16.50h on Sunday the 30th of April, 2017 on the Plaza del Lavadero del Realejo. The victim had approached the aggressor and an argument ensued. The American was carrying a wooden stick and tried to hit the Dominican man, who wrestled the stick off him and began to hit him with it. He then threw the stick down and pulled out a clasp knife stabbing the American in the neck, chest and stomach.

At this point several people intervened to break up the scuffle, allowing the American to escape, badly injured. His stab wounds were such that had he not been immediately treated in hospital, he would probably have died. He remained hospitalised from the 30th of April until the 8th of May, with his wounds taking two months to fully heal.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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