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Diving off the Rock

Once again, with August here, the controversy over adolescents and youngsters in general diving from a considerable height, off the top of the Peñon, is being debated.

Chiringuitos Finitos?

A ‘chiringuito’ is a bar/restaurant on the actual beach and these establishments have been in the eye of the hurricane for some time now as Spain has fought with policy on how to control them.

Think Aircon!

Aircon in the car not working to 100% capacity? Need aircon installed in your home? Does your aircon or refrigeration system need servicing or repair? Don’t tell me, I bet you haven’t even thought about any of the above yet. Like me, you’re having a beer and thinking ‘my underpants aren’t attached to my privates yet… I’ll give it another month and get it sorted then.’

Think Insurance

When it comes to insurance on the Costa Tropical, I have to say we are rather blessed to have Pep Benaiges, who provides cover on behalf of Grupo Catalana Occidente, who cater for over 4 million clients, and having been doing this kind of thing since 1864! I don’t believe Pep was around at the beginning, but he really does have a lot of experience, and can give you the right advice and direction when choosing a policy.


A Web site – or not? A question that all services and businesses will have to ask themselves at some stage.

Carrington Builds

Had a quick chat with Bob Coates from Carrington Builders and Decorators and asked if there was anything he wanted me to impart to our readers… and to be honest neither he nor I could think of much more to say about this brilliant team of highly skilled builders and decorators. Let’s face it, how can you improve on a formula and work ethic that has been good for over 30 years in the UK and six years here!

Charity Bridge Tournament

It’s heart-warming to hear when businesses in the community get together to help a great and worthy cause. This is what happened on Oct. 21st when The Language Tree and Alcoholum joined forces to host and support a Charity Bridge Tournament organized by the Costa Bridge Club