Motril Golf Course Saved

Monday, July 30, 2018
By Vivienne Hughes

MOT Los MoriscosThe news that the Motril golf course has recuperated the embargoed holes is front-page news in the paper edition, coming out Wednesday.

But Wednesday is still a couple of days off, so here’s the gist of it: the non-profit association set up to recover the holes in the hands of the Patrimonio del Estado (Hacienda) managed to come up with the 150,000 euros needed to hire them back from the State.

This has been thanks to local businesses and generous individuals who have pooled together the necessary sum. If they hadn’t, the golf-course owner had let it be known that if the course lost its full quota of holes, he would throw the towel in and close the course.

The deal with Patrimonio del Estado gives the Club de Golf Motril a 20-year lease over the eight holes belonging to the State. To obtain this, they had to deposit a guarantee of 100,000 euros and a year’s rent (47,500 euros).

Then, Club de Golf Motril reached an agreement with Club de Golf, Los Moriscos whereby the latter manages all 18 holes, because separate management is not really practical.

The course opened its full, 18-hole greens Saturday with the 80-year-old, Rafael Yanguas, who had had the winning idea of setting up the association, taking the first symbolic swing

Editorial comment: you might want to reflect here upon why Hacienda, was mindlessly (apparently) willing to sink the economy of an area of the coast in order to obtain money owed to it by an individual, to whom the eight holes belonged.

‘Hacienda es de todos’ (we are all the Tax Office) is their slogan; i.e., if Hacienda gains, we all gain, but this logic wears just a little bit thin when you have a case like this.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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