Official Credit Cards & Brothels

The ex-Head of Employment Training Courses for the Junta de Andalucia, Fernando Villen, racked up 15,000 euros in one night in a brothel, using his official credit card.

During his stay at the Don Angelo Brothel in Sevilla, which lasted from 20.57h on the 22nd of March, 2010, to 02.43h the next morning, he had his card swiped 15 times for amounts differing between 310 to 1,490 euros, bless him.

And all this came off an official credit card for the Fundación Fondo Andaluz de Formación y Empleo; i.e., public funds.

Although this foundation no longer exists, nor the brothel, for that matter, it appears to have been little more than a job-for-the-boys; i.e., family members and friends of socialist politicians in Andalucia.

All this information has come to light since investigations began that are being handled by the Juzgado de Instrucción in Sevilla. The Junta was very reluctant to hand over the account-movement details but finally succumbed to the demands from the judge in charge of the case.

Another interesting fact is that these credit card payments began just a few hours after the then Prime Minister of the Junta, Sr. Griñan carried out a cabinet reshuffle which was to take effect on the 24th – Sr. Villen’s last day as Head of the Foundation…

(News: Sevilla, Andalucia)

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