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Hospital Corruption?

By Editor

Doctors are being investigated by the Health Board over allegations of taking bribes from the German company, Fresenius, providers of dialysis products . »

Benny Building Bubble & Graft?

By Martin Myall

Almuñécar Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, has sent damning evidence concerning ex-Mayor Juan Carlos Benavides to the Anti-Corruption department in Madrid. »

Official Credit Cards & Brothels

By Hugh MacArthur

The ex-Head of Employment Training Courses for the Junta de Andalucia, Fernando Villen, racked up 15,000 euros in one night in a brothel, using his official credit card. »

Beginnings, Endings and Putin’s Cousin

By Jes Rasmussen

I love beginnings. Endings and what comes in between, I'm not too keen on. Beginnings are the best. We're talking books here, not lives or love affairs. Well, maybe the very short love affairs but certainly not life. »

The Puigdemont Pantomime

By Martin Myall

Today, fugitive, ex-President, Carles Puigdemont, will have to present himself before the Catalan Parliament, if he wants to be sworn in. »

Corruption and Heatstroke

By Martin Myall

School kids in the Madrid have been suffering from mild heatstroke in their classrooms this past week owing to this premature heatwave. »

Menu del Dia: Political Corruption

By Martin Myall

There is a tremendous battle going on between the judicial power and the Government over the investigations and persecution of the omnipresent corruption in the Body Political. »

Corruption in Spain

By Hugh MacArthur

We all know corruption is rife, but a recent report drawn up by a judiciary body states that on average, three people a day are tried for it. »

Corruption Prime Concern for Majority of Spaniards

By Martin Myall

Six out of every ten Spaniards consider that corruption is the main problem that the country has. »

Watching TV in Spain

By Marianne Lindahl

While curing a November cold I have watched a lot of Spanish TV, like Menuda Noche and La Tarde Aqui y Ahora on Canal Sur. »

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